How to choose the indoor fitness equipment There is difference in different age and gender

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Teenagers: fitness is mainly to increase muscle strength, the amount of exercise is relatively large, Suitable choice of growth fitness equipment, such as puller, grip, dumbbell, supine support frame, multi-functional treadmill. 

Middle and old people: fitness to strengthen the tendons and bones, invigorate the blood fitness for the purpose.The suggestion chooses the step machine and the exercise bike to wait for not easy to cause the exercise to injure the fitness implement. 

Female: give priority to with thin body model more, should choose the fitness way of dexterous.Suitable for 1.5 to 2 kg of small dumbbells, abdominal retractor, gyms and other fitness equipment. 

Male: should emphasize to exercise heart and lung function and muscle.It is recommended to use strength fitness equipment, such as comprehensive training machine, weight lifting machine, dumbbell, abdominal muscle plate, chest machine, spinning, etc. 

Office worker: long - term work is easy to fatigue, can through the fitness to refresh the mind.Suitable for the choice of recreational fitness equipment, such as rowing machine, mountaineering machine, elliptical machine.

Of course, if you have enough time, make an appointment with a friend, take the beloved football, basketball, go to the green field to gallop a circle, this kind of sport is the most helpful to the health of the body.

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